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Debt Settlement Frequently Asked Questions

What type of debt can you eliminate?
In general, unsecured debt like credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, old utility bills, professional fees, etc. We do not, however, negotiate secured debt like mortgages, car loans and any other type of debt that involves titles or liens.

Can you reduce Payday Loans?
Unfortunatley, it really depends on your situation. Normally we can help people eliminate interest and fees, reaching an arangment with the Loan Provider that is suitable for all involved. Click Here for more information about Payday Loans.

How long will I be enrolled?
It depends on your individual circumstances. In general, our clients get out of debt in 36 months or less, years sooner than those who try on their own. This is accomplished through proactive debt negotiation by our very experienced staff.

Will my creditors work with you?
We have relationships with thousands of creditors nationwide. Creditors are willing to work with a program like ours because of the success we've had in helping people just like yourself in resolving their credit issues. As a matter of fact, many of our clients are referred by the creditors themselves. If you have one that's uncooperative, give us their number. We'll help enlighten them.

Can I pay extra each month to get out of debt sooner?
You certainly can. Our flexible plan allows for extra monthly payments. As a matter of fact, by paying off early you save even more. The more money availible, the sooner we are able to use it to negotiate you out of debt.

Will creditors stop calling?
Usually, once they are aware you are enrolled in our debt settlement program. Both creditors and third party collectors have strict laws they must follow when attempting to collect a debt.

Do I have to give up all my credit cards?
You should, however, you may keep one low interest, low balance card for emergencies only.

Do you report to the credit bureaus or my employer?
No. Our dealings are directly with you and your creditors.

How does your program differ from chapter 13?
Our program is voluntary. With a chapter 13, or Wage Earners Plan, you will have to deal with attorneys, creditors, judges and court appearances. You will also have to pay attorneys and court fees and cede control of your finances to a Trustee. Since filing bankruptcy is a civil proceeding it becomes a matter of public record. Through our program, it's strictly between you, us and your creditors.

How do I get started?
You can click here now and fill out our simplified online form and receive your free consultation within 24-48 hours.

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