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Drowning In Debt?
Did you know that if you only make the minimum payments to your credit cards, it can take up to 84 YEARS to get out of debt!?!

With the DebtBuster Program, you can:
  • Get out of debt in 12-42 MONTHS!
  • Reduce the amount you pay toward your credit cards every month!
  • Elimintate the stresses caused by debt collectors calling over and over
  • Receive confidential financial counselling.
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing you are on the road to being DEBT FREE!
We Will:
  • Use our existing relationships with your creditors to REDUCE THE PRINCIPAL OF YOUR DEBT, not just lower the interest and late fees.
  • Take the harrassing phone calls from your creditors!
  • Teach you how to create a budget and live by it!
  • Provide you with regular updates via telephone or email.
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